Join us at RESC!

To join Regency Estates Swim Club, please complete a 2018 Membership Application Form and return it to us at the address below.

Dues and Fees.  Besides annual dues, new members of Regency Estates Swim Club have two basic fees to pay just once upon joining: a non-refundable Capital Improvement Fee of $350, plus the cost of their exchangeable RESC Membership Certificate of $1,000. You can choose to purchase a certificate from RESC via four annual payments of $250 or a one-time purchase of $1,000; or you can purchase a certificate directly from a resigned member. See the Dues and Costs Fact Sheet for more information. And for more information on RESC certificates, see our Membership Certificate Policy. Our membership policy for military and diplomatic families is included below.

The annual dues for 2018 are:

  • Family Unit: $795
  • Two-person household: $595*
  • Single-adult household: $325*
  • Senior Special (for qualified certificate-holders age 65 and up): $190
  • Waiver of Annual Dues for inactive members (for up to two consecutive seasons): $180 per season
  • Non-resident family member/au pair fee: $100
  • Inactive fee: $180

*Other household members besides the registered members may not be guests of a one- or two-person household member.

**New members for 2018 receive a free book of 10 guest passes.

Annual dues must be paid by May 1. You may make payments toward your dues in any increments and at any interval you choose before May 1, the deadline for payment in full.  Those who pay after May 1 incur a $25 late fee. Once the season begins, members will not be admitted to the pool unless their dues are paid in full.

If you have moved during the off-season, please notify us of your new address at

The beginning of the season is a good time to order guest passes.  A book of 10 costs $40, or you can purchase single-day passes for $5 each.  Note: Guest passes may not be used by two-person household members or single-adult household members to admit additional members of their household.  Such households should be family members. 

For more information about joining RESC, or if you have any questions, please contact us at

Membership Policy for Active Duty U.S. Military and International Diplomatic Personnel

Regency Estates Swim Club, Inc., welcomes active duty U.S. military members and diplomats and their families. Recognizing that military and diplomatic families are transient, we offer these neighbors modified requirements to enjoy our member-owned pool.

To join, General Members must purchase a Membership Certificate ($1,000), pay a one-time nonrefundable Initiation Fee ($350), and then pay dues for their appropriate membership category (e.g., family, two-person, or single adult) each year. Proof of active duty status may be required.

For eligible active duty U.S. military personnel and international diplomats, and their families, the Club defers the requirement to purchase a certificate for up to 3 years, based on the applicant’s assignment to the area.  You would still be required to pay the one-time Initiation Fees plus established annual dues at the applicable rates. This would provide you full access to the Club, our activities, and our teams. The only restriction would be that you would not have voting rights on Club decisions at membership meetings.

At the end of your military or diplomatic assignment (or at a maximum, after 3 years), you would be required to pay the $1,000 Membership Certificate in full, to continue to be a member. With the purchase of a Membership Certificate, you would have full voting rights as a full member. If, at the end of your assignment or the three-year period, you do not pay the Membership Certificate in full, your right of access and use of the Club would end.

Please contact the Club at or visit our website at to join or for further information.

Please mail your application form and payments to:

Regency Estates Swim Club (RESC)
PO Box 341913
Bethesda, MD  20827-1913